• Why Study at CIA?

  • Top 10 Reasons To Be #OnlyAtCIA

    When it comes to learning about food and hospitality, we can say with complete confidence that the Culinary Institute of America is truly the best place to begin your future. Check out our Top 10 Reasons to be #onlyatcia for yourself. We think you’ll agree, at CIA it all adds up.


    1. The CIA Advantage

    No one is more qualified to educate you about the world of food than CIA, the world’s premier culinary college. For over 75 years, CIA has elevated the culinary profession through its education and training. We’re the college that industry leaders know and respect.

  • 2. Hands-on Learning - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    2. Hands-on Learning

    CIA students spend a full semester getting real-world, front- and back-of-house experience in our nine award-winning public-service restaurants. That means feeling the intensity and thrill of working in a professional kitchen and mastering the art and skills behind superior service. That’s real-world, hands-on experience you won’t find anywhere else.

  • 3. A Custom-fit Education - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    3. A Custom-fit Education

    At CIA, travel the globe experiencing different foods and cultures and focus your education on exactly what you want to do for your career. Take a deep dive into a specific concentration or culinary region that interests you, learn from experts in the field, and get ready to expand your world and food view!

  • 4. Learn From The Best - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    4. Learn From the Best

    One of the reasons why CIA is the world’s best culinary college is because our faculty are top industry pros. They literally wrote the book on culinary education—The Professional Chef. Other colleges teach from it, but the experts are here. CIA instructors include acclaimed master chefs and bakers, top food industry executives, successful restaurateurs, published authors, wine experts, forward-thinking nutritionists, and more.

  • 5. The Industry’s Best Career Fair - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    5. The Industry’s Best Career Fair

    CIA hosts the best career fair in the world of food—exclusively for CIA students and grads. Three times a year, hundreds of the very best food, beverage, and hospitality companies attend—looking to hire. Every year, CIA career fairs lead to more than 4,800 job interviews with highly interested employers—and the job opportunities come to you, not the other way around.


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  • 6. Built-in Paid Internship - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    6. Built-in, Paid Internship

    Some colleges charge a full semesters tuition for internship experience—not CIA. At CIA, you’ll choose an internship experience from over 2,000+ world-class food and hospitality businesses—the largest list of available food industry sites in the country—and they’ll pay you. During your résumé-building internship, expect to interact with professionals, build your industry network, and join the action of a real work environment.

  • 7. College Life With A Culinary Twist - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    7. College Life With a Culinary Twist

    Join a diverse, close-knit community where everyone speaks your language—food! Variety is the spice of life when it comes to campus activities and at CIA, that couldn’t be truer. There’s always something to catch your interest, sharpen your competitive skills, and expand your network of friends—all while providing a lot of food-centric fun along the way!

  • 8. We Have Got Your Back - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    8. We’ve Got Your Back

    If you’re committed to making the best investment for your future at CIA, we’re committed to helping you get here! More than 90% of students receive scholarships and financial aid packages—unique to their individual needs. In fact, over $40 million in student scholarships was awarded last year alone.

  • 9. Unrivaled Network - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    9. Unrivaled Network

    Join the food world’s most powerful alumni network of industry leaders and changemakers—50,000+ strong—that not only hire CIA grads, but also help each other make the connections necessary to advance careers.

  • 10. We Do Food And Only Food - Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIA

    10. We Do Food and Only Food

    Our singular focus on food and your success in the food industry is what makes CIA stand out from other institutions. Here we’re not distracted by a host of unrelated degrees and majors, so we can pour all our energy, passion, and industry smarts into providing you with the best food-focused education. And that’s exactly what we do—it’s the difference you’ll find only at CIA.


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