qh88 Central School District

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WCSD Census

Census and Registration Information

State Education Law Section 3242 requires school districts to conduct a school district census, especially for families new to the district with young children.  If you have children in your home 18 years of age or younger, or between the ages of 18-21 who have not yet graduated from high school, please provide all of the information requested.  If you do not have children within these age ranges you do not need to complete this card.  If you are new to the qh88 Central School District, please complete the census on the District’s websitefor all children including those younger than five years of age that reside in your household.   To access the census click here: 

Please note, completing the census is not the same as registering your child for school.    Information regarding the registration of students, who are compulsory school age,  is available on the qh88 Central School District’s website here: /departments/student_services/student_registration.php.