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    Shaping the Future of Food

    Thought Leadership and Industry Engagement Opportunities

  • Food Is Life®

    It nourishes and sustains us. It connects us with our roots and with one another. It bridges our past and our future. And it is the center of one of the most vibrant and exciting industries in the world.

    As the world’s premier culinary college, the CIA does more than just cultivate the next generation of hospitality and food industry leaders; we also educate and empower current foodservice leaders to effect change in their businesses and communities. Our connections run deep, with ties to top universities, food industry leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and food authorities from around the world, recognized brands, cultural influencers, and more. We’re shaping the future of the food industry and driving change for a better world. Our efforts center on four strategic pillars:

    Professional Excellence and Innovation

    Professional Excellence and Innovation

    The CIA is developing the next generation of professionally trained hospitality and culinary leaders and expanding the expertise of professional chefs, business leaders, and changemakers in all areas of the food industry.

    Health and Wellness - Pea Dish

    Health and Wellness

    The CIA’s health and wellness programs advance evidence-based, practical strategies that prove that there are myriad options to marry health and deliciousness.

    Sustainability and Food Ethics - Bees

    Sustainability and Food Ethics

    Our programs engage chefs in food, menu, and business solutions that address environmental imperatives and embrace the accelerating interest—particularly among younger generations—in food ethics and values.

    World Cuisines and Cultures - Bowls of Food

    World Cuisines and Cultures

    Honoring, advancing, and celebrating culinary traditions, ingredients, and techniques from around the globe and here in America. What lessons and inspiration can we glean? How can the preparation and sharing of food be an opportunity for advancing diversity and inclusion, for all people and cultures?

  • Industry Leadership Programs

    Industry Leadership Programs

    The CIA’s thought leadership conferences and programs bring together the best minds from the food industry, various professional sectors, academia, NGOs, and government to address critical issues affecting our food system, and the future of our menus. From professional conferences to invitational retreats, sector collaboratives, research, digital media initiatives, custom video and content solutions, informational resources, and more, the CIA’s culinary thought leadership initiatives give chefs, high-volume menu decision makers, sector business leaders, and experts from around the globe the tools they need to drive what will be on our plates in the next year, decade, and beyond—and guide their guests toward healthier, more sustainable food choices whether dining out or at home.

  • Putting Principles Into Practice

    CIA Consulting: Putting Principles Into Practice

    CIA Consulting’s team of certified master chefs, chefs, and certified hospitality educators help you take the disruptive trends and big ideas identified in our culinary leadership programs and distill them into actionable strategies for your businesses. With clients ranging from college and university dining programs, consumer packaged goods companies, senior living communities, restaurants, hotels, and commodity boards to name a few, CIA Consulting supports efforts from facility and menu design to new product innovation and recipe development, working behind the scenes with you to boost your bottom line.

  • Personal and Professional Development

    The culture in-, and outside, the kitchen can make or break a business. That’s why it’s important to ensure consistent training, provide ongoing mentorship and professional development opportunities, and have a solid foundational knowledge of business, including financial administration, personnel management, real estate, and marketing. From line cook to the C-suite, our full range of professional education, certification, and advanced degree offerings can help you define your culinary culture.

    ProChef® Training and Certification - United States Air Force Group

    ProChef® Training and Certification

    This badge opens doors! With three progressive levels of training and certification, CIA ProChef combines hands-on training and mentorship to help organizations build and retain their workforce, and individuals better position themselves for career advancement.

    Custom Training and Certification - Elior Group

    Custom Training and Certification

    Have a particular skill, cuisine, or other topic you want your team to learn? We’ve created custom training programs and certification for a variety of clients, including Rich Products and Deutsch Family Wines.

    Video-based Training

    Video-based Training

    Professional training that is ready wherever—and whenever—you are. The CIA ProChef video training series helps develop individual proficiency and cultivates a skilled workforce.

    Master’s Degree and Certificate Programs

    Master’s Degree and Certificate Programs

    Looking to take your education one step further? From our Food Business School’s online master’s degrees to an accelerated culinary arts certificate program and more, there are a variety of flexible options to expand your knowledge and earning potential.

  • Signature Events

    With an alumni network more than 50,000 strong and a community of supporters throughout every sector of the hospitality industry, the CIA’s signature events are not just a place to rub elbows with food industry influencers, they also fund vital student scholarships.

    CIA Leadership Awards (The Augies™)

    CIA Leadership Awards (The Augies™)

    Named for Auguste Escoffier, the Augies celebrate the food industry’s best and brightest, while raising essential student scholarship funds.

    Thomas Keller Golf Classic

    Thomas Keller Golf Classic

    Connecting on—and off—the course, The Thomas Keller Golf Classic offers incredible networking opportunities and benefits student scholarships.

    Alumni Events - Homecoming Weekend

    Alumni Events

    The CIA Alumni Network is the food world’s most important alumni network—more than 50,000 strong—with members in every corner of the globe.

    Your Brand in Their Hands

    Reach Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

    The CIA’s gift-in-kind partners provide products and equipment for use in our teaching kitchens and restaurants, and are a great way to introduce your brand to the future leaders of the food industry.

  • Join Our Community

    The Culinary Institute of America is a not-for-profit institution. Your support helps ensure that the more than 90% of CIA students who receive financial aid and scholarships can pursue their dreams of attending the world’s premier culinary college. Here are just a few of the ways to:

    Scholarships - Anatole Sullivan


    More than 90% of CIA students rely on scholarships and financial aid to realize their dream of attending the college. Learn more about how you can support CIA student scholarships.

    Sponsorship Opportunities


    Reach key food industry leaders and decision makers through our leadership programs and events.

    Ignite a Career

    Ignite a Career

    Learn how your business can take part in our career fairs and career networking days, become an approved externship site, or sponsor a manager-in-training in our kitchens, bakeshops, and public restaurants.

    Society of Fellows

    Society of Fellows

    Join the Society of Fellows—an active network of industry and business professionals invested in the future of food and hospitality. This network of more than 300 food and wine enthusiasts and business professionals supports our mission—and students.