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School Climate and Communications Survey

At the end of the 2022-2023 school year, the qh88 Central School District shared the School District Climate and Communications Survey with stakeholders.  The survey originated from the Department of Education School Climate Surveys (EDSCLS), which focuses on Engagement, Safety, and Environment.

The District’s survey was open from June 3, 2022 – June 24, 2022.  Stakeholders were asked to answer questions based on the totality of their school experiences, not specific to one individual school, in four core areas:

  • Engagement
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Communications

The goal of this School District Climate and Communications survey was to identify areas of opportunity and continue to improve in the areas of Engagement, Safety, Environment, and Communications.

On each graphic in the summary booklet, you will see an “n” followed by two numbers.  The first number indicates the total number of individuals who responded to the question.  The second number is the number of possible respondents. For example, on page 9 in “Engagement – Cultural and Linguistic Competence – Faculty,” the top graphic displays “n=534/1158” while the second indicates “n=529/1158.”  This means for the first question, 534 individuals responded out of 1,158 potential respondents.  For the second question, 529 indivdiuals responded out of 1,158 potential respondents.  Please note that not all questions across the content areas were asked/answered by faculty, staff, parents, and students.

More than 70 pages in length, each section is hyperlinked in the table of contents to help make navigation easier.  For example, if you click "Parent" under Instructional Environment,  you will be directed to the data points for that section.  The home button at the bottom of every page will return users to the Table of Contents.

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